About Us

The South Brooklyn Children’s Garden is an urban farming cooperative built to encourage fresher and healthier foods planted and raised by children and their families. The Garden creates a green space for children, their families, and the greater community to learn about their food sources and connect with nature through gardening. As a membership-based cooperative and public garden, we foster a sense of community by working together to grow food, offering educational programs, and hosting events.

  • The Garden is an educational and recreational facility where the children of our wider community can come to play and learn about herbs, flowers, and food, where it comes from and how to grow it.
  • The Garden functions as a cooperative, whereby members agree to plant, water, maintain, and care for the garden together and share the green space with the public.
  • We usually employ organic growing methods, which includes organic and/or heirloom plant varieties and natural pest control and fertilizers.
  • There is a dedicated planting beds for school partners where children from local schools plant seedlings they started in school and learn to care for their specific plants.
  • Members may hold scheduled events at the garden with prior approval.

SBCG Soil Test Report (PDF)

Lead in Residential Soils: Sources, Testing, and Reducing Exposure (PDF)

South Brooklyn Children’s Garden Fact Sheet for 2015