Join the Garden


We are not currently accepting new members. As soon as that changes, we will reopen the membership form, thank you.

All members are expected to commit to the following during the growing season which runs from April through October:

  • Watering and Mowing: Each member/family is responsible for watering the garden and mowing the lawn for one week in the season: three days of watering and one day of mowing.
  • Trash: Each member/family is responsible for taking the trash bags to Columbia Street on Sunday and Wednesday nights for one week in the season.
  • Opening the Garden: The garden is open to the public for 20 hours a week throughout the season and whenever a garden member is present.
  • Weekend Gardening/Work Sessions: We request members commit to participating in two weekend work/gardening days when we make repairs, plant seeds, weed the beds, etc.
  • Annual Community Event: We plan to hold one community event this autumn and members must assist in the planning and running of that event.

Thank you!