Join the Garden

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 gardening season. All members will receive a share of the harvest and are expected to commit to the following during the growing season:

  • Fee: There is a $70 annual membership fee per family and $40 per individual. If this amount is not feasible, please email [email protected] to inquire about our sliding scale.
  • Watering: Each member is responsible for three weekday watering shifts.
  • Opening The Garden: Members need to open and close the garden three weekend days throughout the season.
  • Weekend Gardening Sessions: We ask that members commit to one gardening session per month. Throughout the season, we also have a number of weekend work days when we make repairs, plant crops, harvest, etc., and we encourage as many members as possible to come on those days to assist.
  • Annual Community Event: We plan to hold one community event this year and will need members to assist in the planning and running of that event.

See our complete member guidelines.