Member Guidelines

Our Mission

The South Brooklyn Children’s Garden (SBCG) creates a green space for children, their families, and the greater community to learn about their food sources and connect with nature through gardening. As a membership-based cooperative and public garden, we foster a sense of community by working together to grow food, offering educational programs, and hosting events.

Member Benefits

Members enjoy the benefits of having a key to the garden and participating in a robust community of fellow gardeners. In addition to the vast non-material benefits we enjoy, these include the use of the garden anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. year-round. Members may organize public events and activities in the garden. Please talk over your ideas with the board. Members may reserve time for parties in 3-hour increments on a first-come, first-served basis.

Member Obligations


There is a $70 annual membership fee per family and $40 per individual. This fee goes towards purchasing everything that is needed for the season, including soil, seeds, plants, tools and supplies, as well as supporting the activities that we organize for the community. If this amount is not feasible, please email [email protected] to inquire about our sliding scale.

Weekend Gardening Sessions

We ask that members commit to one gardening session per month. Throughout the season, we have a number of weekend work days when we make repairs, plant crops, harvest, etc., and we encourage as many members as possible to come on those days to assist in that work.

Annual Community Event

We plan to hold one community event this year in the fall and will need members to assist in the planning and running of that event.


We are in the process of trying to get our own water tap in the garden, but this is still under investigation.  In the meantime, we use the hydrant across the street.  Watering obligations are now four weekday watering shifts per member between April and October. In addition to weekday watering shifts, the garden should be watered both weekend days by those who are filling open hours shifts.

Open Hours

Members need to open and close the garden at least three weekend days (Friday through Sunday) throughout the season (April – October), by opening the gate by 10 a.m. and closing the gate at 6 p.m.

Additional Details

New Member Buddies

We would like to assign new members a buddy member or family to answer questions as they acclimate to the garden. Please let Sarah know at [email protected] if you are interested in serving as a buddy.

Member Events

We encourage members to plan all-member events in the garden at any time.

The Garden This Week

We will send a weekly update at the end of each week noting work to be accomplished during the upcoming weekend; highlighting slots that haven’t been filled for the coming week; and providing news, reminders, and committee updates.

Parties in the Garden

One personal party will be scheduled per weekend. If you would like to have a party on a Saturday, we recommend scheduling it after 1 p.m. so the work day doesn’t overflow into party time. There is an event fee of $25 to be paid at least one week prior to the event. If the event is cancelled, the fee will be returned. Events can be scheduled at Please note that reserving the garden for a particular time does not mean that the garden is entirely private during that time. The public and other members can always enter the garden during open hours.

Garden Trash and Recycling

The industrial garbage bags for the trash can and the clear recycling bags are in one of the square white plastic dish bins in the shed. Sunday: Take trash to Columbia Street. Wednesday: Take recycling to Columbia Street and check to see if trash needs to be taken as well.

Watering – Hose Protectors

Please use the rubber ramps to protect the hoses as they cross Sackett. You can carry them out in a wheelbarrow to make it easier. Tip: lay them so the top opens westward, away from traffic. This way, the tops will stay closed as oncoming traffic crashes over them. Remember to bring them inside at the end of the watering shift.

Watering Buddies

Please let Sarah know at [email protected] if you are interested in pairing up with another member for watering shifts. She will put you in touch with families who wish to buddy-up. Keep the hydrant key wrench and cap together and leave them in the hose basket at the end of the shift.


Look for standing water and eliminate it. Empty watering cans and the swimming pool and look for other containers containing water before you leave the garden.

Leaving the Garden

Before locking up for the day, please move everything off of the lawn, including the kiddie slide and the swimming pool, in order to preserve the grass. Turn everything that can collect water upside down: wheelbarrows, buckets, swimming pool.