Free Adult Ed Workshop: Harvesting Herbs and Weed Identification

SBCG is offering a ?series of?adult?education?on general gardening. The workshops are 1 hour long, located at the garden and are free and open to the public.?
Harvesting Herbs and Weed Identification-?6 August,?7PM
This working is a two part series: herbs and weeds.?
  • Herbs come in both perennial and annual herbs. To ensure the largest crop, different herbs have different harvesting requirements. ?Come learn how to ensure your parsley doesn’t bolt, to keep a strong basil crop all summer long, and how to keep the theme coming back year after year.?
  • Weeds are overtaking the flower garden. ?Learn how to identify rag weed, or the difference between morning glory and cucumber tendrils. This will allow you to weed in confidence.
Bring a baggie if you want to bring home your harvested herbs.